"In old age your world shrinks and the outside world becomes no more than background noise. 'The News' is no longer your news, you are hidden, forgotten.

Your understanding of your partner deepens to the point that things need no longer be spoken. You can finish each others' sentences and anticipate what the other will think or do.

This morning Betty, Jim's wife, must rely on him knowing what she wants.

Can a mere 'man' do the right thing?

He tries his best, and through his actions he spells out for us a love which should be spoken, this is the morning news."

Offical Competition Selection in Film Festivals:

Belfast - April 2007

Galway International Film Festival - July 2007

AUGUST 2007 First time ever that a Short Film from Northern Ireland is selected by the UK FILM COUNCIL for it's Film Festival Promotions List.

Los Angeles International Film Festival - September 2007

Corona International Film Festival Cork - October 2007

Foyle - Derry - November 2007

Signes De Nuit International Film Festival - Paris -




ReelHeART International Film Festival - Toronto

Filmstock International Film Festival

Salford Film Festival


Waterford International Film Festival 2008 - AWARD WINNER - BEST FIRST FILM


Stinkwater International Film Festival-Sydhey, Australia. Runner up.