Other more comments from festivals and screenings.

Tender, dignified and full of love. Reminds us of how the world is full of events, although personal grief suspends al knowledge of what is happening outside the room.

Very sweet, very touching.

Thought the old man was a bit Anthony Perkins until the very end when the ambulance came. I was duped and I loved it.

I really enjoyed (not a very good descripton) having the opportunity to see The Morning News again, it had lost none of its poignancy with the passage of time.”

May I also say that I hadn't really realised how good the "The Morning News" was until I saw it for the second time yesterday. I found the whole execution of your idea to be very tender and moving. I also had a smile about the news being reported in the background - until they mentioned Tony Blair at the end of the report you would have thought they were referring to Gordon Brown! (it's true what they say, what goes around comes around!)”

I really appreciated "The Morning News" second time around, I think on the second viewing, my mind wasn't trying to figure out the 'plot' so could simply observe/experience the depth and tenderness of the performance, I was moved the first time I saw it, but second time round it really hit home emotionally.”