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Standup" - Writer/Director/Producers.

Standup is written and directed by Louis McCullagh. Producers are Chris Myers and Paul Brolly. Chris also produced Call Me Son.

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What is "Standup" about.

The film is a short drama about an ordinary family whose eldest son has taken his life. The son had always wanted to be a standup comedian and his comedy routine is woven through the film. The main character is his father Judge who accidentally finds out what had been tormenting his son. He decides to step into his son's shoes and take his place........

Why was "Standup" written.

Following Louis' last film he was asked to consider suicide as a theme. In Northern Ireland we have had an epidemic of young male suicide. He was introduced to Philip McTaggart whose young son had taken his life in the grounds of Holy Cross Church, Ardoyne, he went on to found the Charity PIPS to help others who suffered the same grief as himself and also to help train others to help those at risk . In the 2 years following that death the priest, who had discovered Philip’s son, buried 12 more young suicides. Philip introduced Louis to others who had lost relatives.

One man Louis met couldn’t cope with people asking him how he was. He blamed himself because he hadn’t told his teenage son he loved him, the way he used to, when the boy was smaller. It was after meeting him that Louis decided to approach the subject by writing about those left behind.

Death by suicide is unlike any other death, a taboo subject. Those who are left behind are at risk themselves, the worst are boys and men. They hide their feelings and shun help. It is a contagious type of death.


Three Previous Films by Louis McCullagh


The Morning News a film about love in old age selected by film festivals in Galway, Cork, Los Angeles (Shortsfest), Signes De Nuit (Paris), Belfast, ReelHeART (Toronto), Filmstock (England), Salford and Waterford, Stinkwater (Aus) and Worldfest (USA). Selected by Britspotting as one of the best British/Irish Films 2007 for tour of Germany (Cologne, Berlin, Stuttgart etc.) It won Best Film at Waterford FF, $1000 at Stinkwater International (Sydney Presented by Australian Minister of Art) and a Remi award at Worldfest (Houston, USA) 2009. Showcase of best of N.Ireland - Encounters Shorts (Nov'09).

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Call Me Son a short film about fostering selected for competition by 11 film festivals: Children's festivals at Cinemagic (Belfast) and San Francisco (USA) Heart of Gold (Australia) plus Phoenix (USA), Belfast, ReelHeART (Toronto) - Award Winner - Spirit of Festival/Runner up Best Short, Salford (ENG), Filmstock (ENG), Galway, Los Angeles Irish FF (USA) and Worldfest (USA).- Remi Award Winner. Chosen for study in Masters Degree of TV & Film Los Angeles. The films have screened competitively in 30 International film festivals around the world. They have both won awards and for the young star of the last film 'Call Me Son' a part opposite Russell Crowe in 'Robin Hood'.

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Backstage a documentary on life in a Primary school. A review of this can be found here.