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Film Festival Lists/Links (updated 8/2012).


I've been asked a lot about festivals in Europe (outside USA actually). So here are some good links to the festivals which are mostly free to enter or maybe $15 max.

I have been to a few festivals, the stand out ones are Rhode Island(USA), Cork(Ire), ReelHeART (Can), FilmStock(Eng) and Phoenix(USA) and the Los Angeles Irish Film Festival. Galway is also good but their main focus is features and Docs, another festival who were very helpful to me was Heart of Gold(Australia). Links for all of them are below. Northern Ireland has 2 major festivals. Belfast which screens international docs but only Irish shorts. Foyle which screens everything and is Academy recognised for Shorts.

All Irish film festival have enthusiastic audiences and screenings are pretty full or full.

To enter festivals I recommend using the following websites which work like Withoutabox but no where near as costly.

  • Shortfilmdepot. Free entry to fests in Iran, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Italy etc. Here.
  • Reelport. Mostly free entries to festivals around the world. They have very low charges for their services but allow you to set up details of 3 shorts absolutely free. They also require you to either download your film or send them a DVD which they then digitise (and rights manage) so that festivals can view your film on line (or download it). Once set up it is incredibly easy to submit your film to a fest. Here.

Most other European festivals work through written submissions (entry form downloaded from website) or online submission via their own website.

In general they are not too good about contacting you and many will not contact you if you are not selected. Some discourage contact, require premiere status or only screen international films if they are 35mm. Some have huge entries of 1,000s of shorts so the competition is very stiff.

  • The BAFTA awards are the UK equivalent of Oscars and info on eligibility for Shorts/Animation is HERE. The part international filmmakers may be interested in is the list of BAFTA recognised Film Festivals. This may help you recognise some of the more important European Film Festivals. The downloadable document includes hyperlinks to all the festival websites eg Cork, Foyle in Ireland.

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